Experienced Professional Machinists

At Millennium Machining, we understand that precision matters. We have a strong focus on delivering top-quality parts for the vacuum and optics industries, specializing in stainless steel and aluminum components. We are proud to be a vital partner to high tech manufacturing businesses throughout the United States.


We strive for the highest precision during the fabrication process. We leverage advanced cutting tools, CNC technology, and a team of skilled machinists to craft components that meet the toughest industry standards found in vacuum optical coating systems.

Industry Expertise

We have years of experience working with optical coating systems and understand the unique requirements of the vacuum industry. We leverage this knowledge and apply it to our design and manufacturing of your critical components, thus ensuring your equipment’s reliability and performance.

Quality Assurance

We apply the same rigorous quality control process for one or one hundred machined parts. Our goal is to satisfy or exceed your expectations about quality.

About Millennium Machining

Founded in 2022, we are a newly formed machine shop with many years of experience in the vacuum and optics industries. Our parent company Plasma Process Group, Inc. has been helping vacuum coating houses since 2003. Our dedicated staff of machinists and CAD designers have many years of experience fabricating precision parts. We take pride in what we do and it shows in our quality.

Our Services & Materials


CAD Drawing Creation

CAD is the backbone of our operations. We use the latest Autodesk Inventor Suite to take a CAD drawing and convert it to CAM. Our document control measures will insure the product fabricated today will be the same one made next year.


CNC Lathe and Mill Operations

Our current fleet currently consists of a HAAS TM-2P mill, a HAAS GT-20 lathe, a HAAS TM2 mill and a Sharp lathe. We have a large library of cutting tools.



From digital dial indicators to a trove of inspection equipment allows us to confirm the accuracy of your parts after fabrication.



Our specialties are Stainless Steel and Aluminum. However, we often work with other materials should the need arise.


  • Stainless Steel
  • AluminuM


From CAD drawing creation and CNC lathe and mill operations to delivering final precision parts for the vacuum and optics industries.


Our years of working in the industry plus our dedication to the highest quality ensures precise parts and satisfied customers.

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